The Foundation’s investment program offers three investment options for churches and agencies with funds that can be invested for at least 3 years. In addition, an ultra short-term bond fund is available for funds that may be needed in a shorter timeframe.

Conservative Portfolio

This fund targets 30% stocks and 70% bonds and provides the lowest volatility and highest expected income among the funds. It also provides the lowest expected total return.

Moderate Portfolio

This fund maintains a traditional asset allocation, targeting 60% stocks and 40% bonds. This fund offers moderate volatility and expected total return. This is the Foundation’s most commonly used investment option.

Aggressive Portfolio

This fund targets 85% stocks and 15% bonds and offers the highest expected total return over the long-term but also the highest volatility.

Money Market
The Foundation offers a Money Market Fund through Charles Schwab with low expenses and seeks to preserve $1.00 per share. This account is low risk and is intended to be used for short-term funds which will be used within one year.

Investment Oversight

We retain a professional investment consultant, Envestnet, to ensure that all investments comply with our Investment Policy Statement. The investment consultant provides ongoing oversight of the Foundation’s investment fund managers. Envestnet conducts ongoing market research and recommends an appropriate asset allocation to meet the objectives of each of our investment funds They make regular reports and recommendations to the Investment Committee of the Foundation Board of Directors. Envestnet publishes regular market research analysis and maintains regular communication with the Foundation’s Investment Committee, which carefully studies and reviews the research and analysis and brings investment issues to the full board at each regular meeting.

Socially Responsible Investment Practices

The Foundation participates in socially responsible investing as defined by the Social Principles in the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church. Our fund managers do not invest in companies that have a significant interest in alcoholic beverages, tobacco, gambling, or conventional or nuclear weapons. Investments are also screened with regard to labor practices, human rights and environmental concerns. Our screens are developed with guidance from the “Ethical Exclusions Guidelines” set forth by Wespath Benefits and Investments, an agency of The United Methodist Church.

For more details on our program, please contact us.