Asset Allocation

In order to maximize rates of return and minimize volatility over time, asset diversification is crucial.

Our investment consultant, Envestnet, has a full time investment research department dedicated to ongoing research and monitoring of the investment climate, domestic and global markets and economies. They provide  asset allocation recommendations to our Investment Committee, based on the Foundation’s Investment Policy Statement and goals.

All plans follow The United Methodist Church’s socially responsible investment guidelines.  We take guidance from Wespath’s ethical exclusions guidelines and socially responsible screening. The portfolios are well diversified among major asset classes and ten sectors of the economy. The asset allocation varies based on the portfolio’s key objective:

  • Conservation Portfolio – Objective is to maximize current income
  • Moderate Portfolio – Objective is to balance long-term capital appreciation and current income
  • Aggressive Portfolio – Objective is to seek long-term appreciation

For more information on our Investment Program, please contact us.