At some point, almost every church has funds to invest.

Whether  funds are available for a few months, a period of years, or in perpetuity, the Foundation offers investment options to keep these funds earning revenue.  We help multiply resources for ministry by offering investment strategies to meet the specific needs and goals of the local church.

Guided by our Investment Policy Statement, we comply with the fiduciary responsibility for the prudent investment of church funds.  We consult with churches to determine their investment goals and the timeline for fund investments.

The Foundation’s Investment Consultant is Envestnet.  Our investment program offers  investors four funds, three longer-term growth and income funds plus a short-term bond fund.

Churches and agencies may choose one or more options, based upon:

  • the investment time horizon,
  • the local church’s objectives, and
  • risk tolerance.

Our Investment Consultant provides a monthly performance report.   Click the Fund Performance button for a downloadable format of our funds’ performance.  The Foundation provides regular statements to each of our investors giving details of account activity and fair market value.

Foundation staff is available to meet with church trustees or endowment committees.  Please contact us to schedule a meeting.