Endowment Funds

For a local church is to remain vital, it must plan for its future.

A permanent endowment fund says that the church is here to stay because it is planning and funding for the future.

Foundation staff understands the process for chartering a permanent endowment fund in the United Methodist Church, and we can help.  We can also assist with developing policies for investments, gift acceptance guidelines and spending policies.

One place to start is with the Planned Giving Handbook. Written by the National Association of United Methodist Foundations, the guide describes the procedure for chartering your endowment and ensuring that it will function well and offer an ongoing stream of income for your church.

Another excellent online resource is our planned giving website, umfgift.org.  You will find a broad variety of tools, donor stories, and other planned giving information.

We also have print resources – brochures, inserts, briefs, guides – some which can be customized with your church’s contact information. Contact us for details.

When the endowment has been officially chartered, the Foundation has ideas and resources to encourage gifts to the fund.  We can help you establish an ongoing Encouraging Planned Gifts that will help your permanent endowment funds grow.

Please Contact Us for specific information related to endowments or to arrange a meeting with Foundation staff.