Resources for Churches

Annual Campaign Resources

Our bibliography offers some additional very recently resources .  The UMC’s Discipleship Ministries offers excellent “Stewardship” resources from their website.

To assist with annual stewardship campaigns, the Foundation has gathered a library of more than 30 annual campaign resources. Our friends at the Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation have assembled an Annual Financial Campaigns booklet describing more than 40 quality programs.  And they have listed them by the approach used in the program. Check it out!

Copies of many of these resources are part of our library. Please contact us to discuss what might be a “good fit” with your congregation.

For churches who have not done a structured stewardship emphasis for a number of years, the New Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program (NCS) by Herb Miller is a good choice. The Foundation offers a variety of resources using NCS in a local church setting as a “first-time” stewardship campaign.  Contact us for more information.

Foundation staff are available to preach about generosity and stewardship.

Capital Campaign Resources

Periodically churches need significant gifts to further their ministry.  It might be to take the mission to a new level, a major building project, or to launch a new ministry. Capital campaigns have their roots in the Old Testament – both Moses and David encouraged the people to give from their assets to further God’s work in the world. Capital gifts challenge church friends and members to give from their “second pocket,” beyond the resources of their annual income.  To successfully conduct a capital campaign, professional consultants can be of great assistance in planning, public relations and marketing and training the campaign team to ask and invite capital gifts.

Contact Us for a listing of professionals which can assist with this type of fundraising.

Planned Giving Resources

Foundation staff has a variety of resources to assist local churches in encouraging planned gifts.  Our planned giving website offers a broad variety of information.   Contact us for  additional print resources, workshop materials and estate planning guides.