Web-based Resources

Here are web-based stewardship resources that we have found helpful and interesting.  We hope you discover the same.

Financial Management Resources for Use by Individuals and Families


Stewardship Resources for Use in Congregations

  • Center for Christian Stewardship, United Methodist Church, www.gbod.org/stewardship A rich resource of materials related to Christian stewardship.  The site includes an extensive bibliography, listing of annual stewardship campaign materials, capital campaign resources, planned giving information.  Also includes sermon starters, children’s time ideas, workshops and events.  New resources are being developed constantly.  For an update and further information, contact the Center for Christian Stewardship, General Board of Discipleship, The United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 340003, Nashville, TN 37203-0003; (877-899-2780, ext. 7077; www.gbod.org/stewardship)
  • Horizons Stewardship Company, www.horizonsstewardship.com – Clif Christopher founded Horizons to help faith-based organizations make strategic decisions and secure the necessary capital to achieve their mission.  Dr. Christopher is a nationally known leader in financial stewrdship and presented at the NIC annual stewardship conference twice. His monthly newsletter and blog offer insight and practical ideas.
  • Lewis Leadership Center, www.churchleadership.com,  The Lewis Center, a program of Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC, serves as a resource for church leaders and congregations. They offer a variety of resources and publications and seminars to help achieve the church’s faithful witness. Dr. Lovett Weems, the center’s director, presented at a recent NIC stewardship conference.
  • Ecumenical Stewardship Center, www.stewardshipresources.org Features a variety of resources to strengthen congregational stewardship ministries. Included are those developed by the Center as well as several offered by our member denominations and friends.
  • Faith and Money Network, www.faithandmoneynetwork.org/  This site offers resources to assist people in exploring their relationship to money from a faith perspective.  An online and print newsletter is available as well as curriculum and retreats on money and faith.
  • United Methodist Church connectional stewardship information www.umcgiving.org Information on apportionments, church-wide Special Sundays, the Advance for Christ and His Church and conference benevolences.